Superstition vs. Faith

Superstition is a reverence to a supernatural object or belief that can bring you luck or comfort. I consider myself pretty superstitious. I believe that everything happens for a reason and when something good goes my way I try to remember what exactly happened that day and pick out the things that I can continue doing each day to ensure luck. I will admit sometimes these superstitions of mine don’t always follow through but it’s the little hope I have that will cause me to believe it will work the next time. One object I use as a superstition is the jewelry I wear, whether it’s my bracelets or the necklaces I wear. They bring me comfort and allow good things to happen.

Faith is believing in something that can not be seen or touched. I have faith that superstitions do work and maybe that’s just me thinking that these objects are actually bringing me good fortune or because I think that, I find loop holes to truly allow myself to believe. (if that makes sense) When talking about faith as in religion I truly believe that there is a God and a Heaven even though I can’t see that, but it’s the feeling I get when I live as a Christian person and receive the lord that makes me want to believe even more.(im not a Jesus freak but he’s a pretty cool dude)


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