People Suffering From Mental Health Choose Therapy Over Medication

People who seek professional help for their conditions like depression are more likely to accept therapy rather than prescribed medication. How does therapy work? What medications are the patients refusing? Research from the American Psychological Association, found that patients are three times more likely to refuse or fail to complete their recommended treatment if it required psychotropic medicine, such as antidepressants. Why are they refusing the medications? The effect was seen most in people with depression and social anxiety, who were twice as likely to refuse medication, and people with panic disorder, who were three times as likely to accept medication. Who diagnoses depression and anxiety? The case consisted of 186 studies on more than 17,000 patients. 8 percent of them refused medication. Along with treatment refusal, the studies measured whether or not the patients completed their plans. Ultimately, seeking any treatment is better than not seeking any at all.








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