People Suffering From Mental Health Choose Therapy Over Medication

People who seek professional help for their conditions like depression are more likely to accept therapy rather than prescribed medication. How does therapy work? What medications are the patients refusing? Research from the American Psychological Association, found that patients are three times more likely to refuse or fail to complete their recommended treatment if it required psychotropic medicine, such as antidepressants. Why are they refusing the medications? The effect was seen most in people with depression and social anxiety, who were twice as likely to refuse medication, and people with panic disorder, who were three times as likely to accept medication. Who diagnoses depression and anxiety? The case consisted of 186 studies on more than 17,000 patients. 8 percent of them refused medication. Along with treatment refusal, the studies measured whether or not the patients completed their plans. Ultimately, seeking any treatment is better than not seeking any at all.









There is a song by an artist named Jon Bellion titled Human. In the song he claims that he’s so sick of being human. The thing that hits me about this song is that nothing bad has happened to him in the story line he is just afraid of what could happen. The artist is in fear of not living his life right. He has someone by his side, but he’s still petrified that he will die alone. This song is a callout to the one he really wants by his side and he even claims in the song that this girl is the reason he wrote the song, but is too coward to tell her how he feels so he uses the song to say it.

I think the acoustic version of this song changes it completely, because I can actually listen to the words and the meaning behind it without the noises in the back distracting from the lyrics. At the same time I feel like I can’t make out what the artist is really trying to say. His other songs are like this as well, not very clear like black and white. It’s kind of exciting being able to use our imagination with Jon Bellion’s songs and his album covers add some meaning behind his songs. They almost bring his songs to life just by using a photo.

All around Jon Bellion is a good artist and I feel that he can appeal or at least relate to anyone.

Superstition vs. Faith

Superstition is a reverence to a supernatural object or belief that can bring you luck or comfort. I consider myself pretty superstitious. I believe that everything happens for a reason and when something good goes my way I try to remember what exactly happened that day and pick out the things that I can continue doing each day to ensure luck. I will admit sometimes these superstitions of mine don’t always follow through but it’s the little hope I have that will cause me to believe it will work the next time. One object I use as a superstition is the jewelry I wear, whether it’s my bracelets or the necklaces I wear. They bring me comfort and allow good things to happen.

Faith is believing in something that can not be seen or touched. I have faith that superstitions do work and maybe that’s just me thinking that these objects are actually bringing me good fortune or because I think that, I find loop holes to truly allow myself to believe. (if that makes sense) When talking about faith as in religion I truly believe that there is a God and a Heaven even though I can’t see that, but it’s the feeling I get when I live as a Christian person and receive the lord that makes me want to believe even more.(im not a Jesus freak but he’s a pretty cool dude)